D1 Executive - The largest, deepest soaking experience in the industry

The Executive is the largest and deepest hot tub in the D1 lineup with nine seating options. The multiple seating options include a large open bench, a reclined lounge seat and a Max Therapy Seat. The Executive features 60 adjustable jets, including two Typhoon Jets, which is unique to this model.

Executive hot tub

Executive Specifications

  • Seating Capacity: 8-9
  • Dimensions: 92″ x 110″ x 41.5″
  • Number of Jets: 60
  • D1 SmartHUB™: Standard
  • D1 SpaIQ™: Optional
  • UltraLife™: Standard
  • UltraPURE™: Standard
  • Tactile Therapy: Standard
  • Liquid FX™: Standard
  • 100% Foam Insulation: Standard
  • Envirotect Skirting: Standard
  • Weight Dry: 966 lbs (438 kg)
  • Weight Wet: 5907 lbs (2679 kg)
  • Water Capacity: 592 Gallons (2241 Liters)
  • Electrical North America: 60 HZ: 240V, 50/40A
  • Pumps North America: 60 HZ : 1 x 3.6/(2.5) HP 2-Speed Pump. 2 x 3.6 (2.5) HP 1-Speed Pump, 1 x Circulation Pump, 1 x Fountain Pump

Spa Cover Colors

Shell Colors

Architectural Trim Colors

Shell Design

ultra life example hot tub

Optional - UltraLife®

Because the surface of the spa is the most exposed and touched part of a hot tub, it should be the most durable and comfortable. D1’s exclusive UltraLife®material satisfies both needs. UltraLife® also features a unique, slip-resistant material unmatched by any other hot tub material and has a lifetime warranty.

Tactile Therapy

The ancient art of reflexology and acupressure have brought relief from aches and pains to millions of people around the world. D1’s tactile therapy consists of various-sized therapeutic “bumps” that have been grouped together at key acupressure points for the arms, hands, wrists and feet. These bumps stimulate trigger points in these areas, providing you with an acupressure massage.

Tactile Therapy

Jet Features

Flex Therapy Pillow™

The newly redesigned Flex Therapy Pillow™ features three adjustable neck and shoulder jets placed in a curved, padded head cradle for ergonomic support. These patented jetted pillows are easy to reposition to just the right height for the perfect massage experience and are exclusive to the Bay® and Reflections® Collections.

D-1 flex pillow

Spa Controls


D1® SPAIQ™ App

With the D1® SpaIQ™ app you can control your hot tub even when you are not within reach of the controls. From your mobile device, you can turn on the pumps, operate and adjust spa functions, and even set maintenance reminders.

D1 SmartHub™

D1 SmartHub™ manages your hot tub’s major functions using full-color, icon-driven menu for intuitive operation. with true smart touch technology, the large display is easy to use even with wet hands. You can tap or swipe to adjust the temperature, jets, filter programming and audio system for an enhanced hot tub experience. Includes Bluetooth connectivity.

D1 control panel

Filtering Features

pure water photo

UltraPure™ Water Management System

UltraPure™ is a fully engineered water management system. It has a quiet, dedicated filtration and water management system, filtering the water and vigorously mixing it with ozone three times to ensure it burns up bacteria in every drop of water for water that is crystal clear.

Lighting Features

Liquid FX™

Liquid FX™

Liquid FX™ features a calming interplay of light, sound and shadow through the use of fountains and exquisite lighting effects to set the perfect mood.