Diamond Blue Pool and Spa deals exclusively in award winning Dimension One Spas. From style and design to Hydronomics™, the Dimension One Spa product line represents the ultimate in performance, quality and energy efficiency. State of the art water management systems, operating efficiency, reliability, ergonomic appeal, and ease of use are just a few of the aspects you will come to appreciate about a Dimension One Spa. If you’re looking for the best in hydrotherapy Diamond Blue can deliver!

The Amore Bay

Transform your backyard into an inspiring oasis with the legendary Amore Bay. This tub’s soft curves and cutting edge features create an unmatched experience. With seven luxurious seats including “his and her” seats, two patented , Flex Therapy Pillow™, and soothing lights and fountains, the Amore is more than just a hot tub, it’s a personal retreat.

  • Seats 7
  • Jets 60
  • Length 108″
  • Width 92″
  • Height 40″